The world of Snacks

In order to deliver fresh and high-quality snacks
to the consumer it is extremely important that
time between processing and packing of freshly 
produced snacks is as short as possible.

Reliability and speed of the packaging equipment 
are therefore two critical elements that ultimately 
have huge impact to the revenue of a snack 
production facility. UVA Packaging offers
a broad portfolio of packaging solutions specially
developed and optimised for snack packaging.
Not only do we offer the most powerful 
multi-bagging solution in the market, we also
deliver high speed primary bagging machines.

The best machines for your market 

Machines selected especially for the Snacks market


Coming soon

intermittent motion bagger

A new sustainable solution


Coming soon

intermittent motion bagger

Our new entry model



continuous motion bagger
200 bags/min

Up to 7 different bag styles



intermittent motion bagger
100 bags/min

Up to 10 different bag styles

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