The world of Frozen food

Performance and reliability of packaging equipment 
is crucial for each production facility. 
The expectations on packaging speeds, quality 
and efficiency have gone up in the past few years 
substantially and VDL Packaging has dealt with 
that in an innovative manner.

VDL Packaging offers the most powerful and versatile 
packaging solutions available in the market. In addition 
to that VDL Packaging has established a packaging 
competence centre with highly trained application 
specialists that have over the years built up in-depth 
application knowledge and understanding of many 
market segments.

The best machines for your market 

Machines selected especially for the Frozen market


Coming soon

continuous motion bagger

Completely wash-down machine


Coming soon

intermittent motion bagger

Our new entry model



continuous motion bagger
200 bags/min

Up to 7 different bag styles



intermittent motion bagger
100 bags/min

Up to 10 different bag styles

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