The Butler-4 series were build and sold in quantities of hunderds in the 80's and 90's and are famous for their compact design and exteme reliability. Still today 80% of the Installed Base of the Butler-4 series are up and running serving our clients satisfactory.

Unique features with great benefits on cost and flexibility
The Butler-4 brings all the benefits from the past and today equiped with servo technology; the performance is even improved. UVA Packaging has invested in two major innovations which makes Butler-4 proposition truly unique.

Intermittent motion at UVA Packaging

Intermittent motion is a traditional technology and most used in the market today. In many applications intermittent motion is the preferred option for its simplicity and versatility and advanced packaging capabilities. For many applications the speeds (up to 120 bags/min.) with intermittent motions are sufficient.

UVA Packaging offers Intermittent Motion machine with extreme versatility

Using servo technology on intermittent packaging machine offers clear benefits for the industry. Not only is UVA Packaging capable to reach the highest possible intermittent speeds in the market, but the VFFS machines of  UVA Packaging are also capable to apply various recloseable options and many other advanced packaging options like production of different bag styles and film types all on one machine.


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