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Michel Levels
International Sales Manager

Already a while ago I was born and still live in the province “Limburg” situated in the south eastern part of Holland, and I do enjoy a nice joke every day and all the other good things in life. My hobbies are cooking, swimming and skiing and I also play some golf whenever possible.   

Early 2012 I started my career at PMB-UVA Int. BV as international sales manager for the business unit packaging systems. Completely fresh, with almost zero experience in packaging, this was a huge challenge for me. However, I am not completely new in the industry, as over the last 25 years I have been active in selling machines and installations within the food and non-food sector, all over the world.

Now, for more than 1 year later I do feel very comfortable in my job, thanks to all the support and good advise from my colleagues in the sales department. At the moment I am not only able to visit and advise clients, but also in generating the proper offer for them if required.

The sales areas I am responsible for at the moment are very divers and do include; all German speaking countries in Europe like Austria, Germany and Switzerland, next to this some developing countries for UVA in eastern Europe such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Also a few Middle Eastern and South American countries are supported by me.