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Creative thinking and cutting edge servo technology resulted in a reliable and user-friendly splicer, with a minimum footprint. The UVA-AUTOSPLICER is designed to produce continuous while preparing the second roll of film on by position.

5 benefits of autosplicing

1. Increase of output:                   Waiting for film is banned, the line is always running
2. Reduction of film waste:         Allost empty film reels are no longer thrown away
3. Reduction of logistical cost:   Reel diameter is reduced resulting in more film per pallet 
4. Reduction of storage:             Stock postions are reduced 
5. Reduction of tools:                  No special lifting devices are needed for smaller reels

Business case at your request 

The application specialists of UVA Packaging are devoted to assist customers in clarifying the benefits of autosplicing for each application. By filling out our autosplicer questionnaire UVA Packaging can instantly unveil the benefitsby  a Return On Investment (ROI) for your situation. Our approach will have an integral scope and truly look at the economics of packaging which we call PackOnomics.

Product leaflet: UVA-AUTOSPLICER





  • Multiple execution
    > Stand alone
    > Fully Integrated

  • Easy to use
    > seemless installation
    > no need for training

  • Efficient
    > 2 -5% higher line output
    > 3-5% less film waste
    > In register spliced