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NEWTON-I series

These VFFS machines are truly "State of the Art". The modular design of these machines resuls in it's capability to produce up to ten different bagstyles and different types all on one machine.

One step ahead of marketing

Requirements from the market change every day. new bag styles, better shelf presentation and recloseability become more popular every day. 

The biggest challenge is how to produce new market requirements on the existing VFFS.

With the NEWTON-I series you are one step ahead of marketing. Currently being able to produce up to ten different bagstyles is already providing more flexibility that any other VFFS machine in the market. And even better, with NEWTON-I series even future bag styles can be produced because of it's modular design. 

Bags produced on the NEWTON-I                                             

  Blockbottom   Doy Style   Corner seal   Pillow   Multi bag   Gusseted

Blockbottom Corner Creased    Blockbottom Corner Creased




Product leaflet: UVA-NEWTON I SERIES

Corner Seal Bag including Slider Zipper Corner Seal bag including Press to Close zipper Block Bottom Bag including Press to Close zipper Block Bottom bag including Slider Zipper Block bottom Bag Block Bottom Corner Crease DOY Style bag Corner Seal bags Pillow bag Multi Bag Gusseted bag Block Bottom Corner Seal

Benefits of NEWTON-I series

  • Ten bagstyle on one machine
  • Multiple recloseability options
  • Multiple film types on one machine
  • Change over time < 20 min.