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As from now on the UVA machines can be upgraded
with a patented full automatic filmsplicer module.
Herewith a machine stop is avoided because of an automatic film reel exchange.
The UVA AUTOSPLICER will make the splice "on the fly" and in register and automatically reject the spliced bag. This all without
the precence of an operator.

Because of it's integrated design the footprint is minimized and costs are extremely competitive resulting in an ROI is within 1 year. The AUTOSPLICER can be retrofitted to a large part of the installed base of UVA Pckaging machines;
Herewith the full AUTOSPLICER is an unique retro-fit innovation.

  • 2-5% higher line output
  • 3-5% less film waste
  • No downtime

Machine leaflet for integrated autosplicer: