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The world of Vegetables & Fruit

Vegetable & Fruit

Serving the market with high quality and fresh
products has become the most important objective
for most producers of vegetables and fruit.

In order to reach this objective the producers’
aim is to minimize time between harvest and
packaging hence delivering fresh packed products.
Therefore processing time will continuously be
reduced and packaging speeds have
continuously to go up.

UVA Packaging is specialised in packaging of vegetables
and fruit for over 50 years with many satisfied
customers throughout the world.

With our packaging machines that have been 100% optimised for this specific application UVA Packaging has demonstrated to deliver greater efficiency improvements than any other packaging solution.

Market leaflet: Vegetables & Fruit

NEW: ULTRA SONIC with 30 micron film


Machine Leaflet Ultrasonic: UVA-LIMA-C Ultrasonic Series               


Benefits from UVA
  • Highest packaging speeds
  • Easiest cleanable design
  • Stainless steel
  • Deep frozen packaging capability
  • Multiple bag forms in one machine