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The world of Soap & Detergents


Handling and packaging of detergent powders
containing enzymes are demanding both on safety
and functional performance of packaging machinery.

The ability for detergent manufacturers to
differentiate themselves on the supermarket shelves
and produce in an extremely effective manner has
become key challenges.

UVA experiences an increasing demand for flexible
detergent packaging solutions that can quickly
handle promotional add-ons or bag style and format
changes without sacrificing on efficiency.

UVA has been leading the way in packaging of
detergent for more than 50 years.

UVA’s specially developed detergent packaging solutions have set new world standards on efficiency and reliability and clean production. Also with the flexible detergent packing machines UVA has once again set the new packaging standards.

Today more than 75% of all soap and detergent in the world are packed on UVA packaging solutions with most large multinationals as well as many nationals to be our satisfied customers.

Market leaflet: Soap & Detergents  


Benefits from UVA
  • Best mean time between failure
  • Best overall equipment effectiveness
  • Best enzyme safety solution
  • Highest speeds and efficiency
  • Fastest former change
  • Multiple forms in one machine