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The world of Confectionaries

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A continuous drive for "on the shelf" differentiation
amongst confectionary processors has been a strong
motivator on packaging innovations over the
past few years.

Packaging speed and differentiation capabilities are
the most critical elements that ultimately have huge
inpact tot the revenue of a confectionaries
production facility.

UVA Packaging offers a broad portfolio of
packaging solutions and bag style capabilities
specially developed and optimised for confectionary

In addition to this we offer the most powerful
MULTI-BAGGING solution available in the market.

UVA Packaging is appreciated in the market for its high quality and extremely reliable packaging solutions for more than 25 years with an installed base of
thousands of machines at many customers organisations all over the world.


Market leaflet: Confectionaries




Benefits from UVA
  • Highest speeds and efficiency
  • Best mean time between failure
  • Best overall equipment effectiveness
  • Best Multi-bagging solution in the market
  • Lowest cost per bag
  • Integrated autosplicer
  • Speed adjustments without stopping