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NEWTON-TX series

The NEWTON-TX series from UVA Packaging produce stand up pouches on a compact VFFS machine.

NEWTON TX is an alternative for horizontal pouch maker

This unique VFFS technology produces stand up pouches (or DOY style bags) at speeds and quality levels that are comparable to a traditional horizontal pouch maker.
However, in comparison to a traditional horizontal pouch maker the NEWTON-TX has 70% smaller footprint (8m2) and 50% lower CAPEX. In addition to these benefits the NEWTON-TX is capable of running different bagstyles and multiple types of recloseability with fast change overs.


Bagstyles produced on the NEWTON-TX
BlockbottomDoy StylePillowDoy Style Zipper Doy Style Slider Zipper  Pillow Slider Zipper Pillow Zipper

 NEWTON TX series

Product leaflet: UVA-NEWTON TX SERIES  

Benefits of NEWTON-TX series
  • Zero losses after machine stops
  • Change over in < 30 minutes
  • 70% less floor space than HFFS
  • 50% less CAPEX than HFFS
  • P2C and Slider zipper on one machine