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UVA Packaging has introduced an ultrasonic sealing system on its Vertical, Form, Fill and Sealing machinery for salad and cheese products.
The system can be integrated into our Lima and Newton VFFS machines and has been developed in cooperation with Herrmann Ultraschall GmbH.

Compared to traditional sealing methods, ultrasonic sealing gives you the following advantages:

-          Tight seals even through product contamination in the sealing zone;
-          Material savings because of smaller seals;
-          Short sealing times;
-          Seal quality check for each individual bag;
-          Less thermal impact on heat-sensitive fill goods;
-          Low maintenance cost.

The Ultrasonic sealing system consists of a generator, converter, booster, anvil, sonotrode and knife. The components are built onto a traverse and connected to our guiding mechanism. In combination with our servo drives, we enable highest parallel and torque accuracy.

These are the secrets for producing air tight sealed bags for salad products on thin OPP foil

Are you interested?
You are cordially invited for a demonstration and application trial runs on our new machine during a special workshop in April 2010 here in Eindhoven.
For further information please contact our UVA Packaging sales team.


 Ultrasonic sealing-salad-

 Ultrasonic sealing-frozen fries-