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Film control by Center guide on intermittent Newton Series

To create a maximum output of 100% quality bags without imperfections UVA Packaging has a new solution: Center guide. The process of aligning the film is on the forming shoulder before sealing. Aligning the film will take place before sealing, in the forming shoulder.

The Center guide will make sure the bag is sealed precisely, because film movement is controlled at the latest point/stage just before sealing.

The traditional webguide used by bagging machines is based on controlling the edge of the film. In this traditional way the film is steered to one side of the formingset and creates a constant bag making process. When the total width of the film is guaranteed by your supplier there are no problems to foresee.

The new Center guide provides our customers to work with films that have a small inaccuracy in film width and gives you also better results in bag quality. This new Center guide works with a double sensor that calculates the exact center of the film. The center of the film is guided to the center of the formingset resulting in a better quality of bags.

The seals are exactly symmetric resulting in maximum output of bags per minute with no rejection. Perfect quality bags will make your bag more representable on the shelf and compatible in the market. Center guide can be provided on the versatile VFFS machine NEWTON -I series.