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UVA Packaging history dates back to 1935 when the first PMB machine was built. PMB was formally founded in 1946 even though the abbreviation has been in existence since 1935. From the year 1946 the letters PMB stand for "Patent Machine Bouw".

In 1985 the PMB-Group, now called PMB-UVA International B.V., diversified into packaging machinery manufacturing through the acquisition of UVA which had experience for already 30 years. The assortment of UVA, abbreviation for "Universele Verpakking Apparatuur" (Universal Packaging Equipment) was focused on vertical form fill and seal machinery. With the acquisition of Servotech S.A., in 1992 PMB-UVA provided access to high tech packaging markets with servo driven machinery for the food and nonfood markets.

In 1994 the names of the firms were combined to PMB-UVA International B.V. The tobacco division operates under the name PMB Tobacco and the packaging division under the name UVA Packaging. The reason for this combination was to let the customers know that the company has two different product lines.

In 2003 VDL Groep purchased PMB-UVA International B.V. and extended once again their position in the supply chain for machinery and equipment. With almost 9,500 employees, development and manufacturing present in more than 19 countries around the globe, VDL Groep has truly advanced PMB-UVA International B.V. in its capabilities to bring even more benefits to its customers.

As of 2003 PMB-UVA International B.V. has over 6500 machines running in the market divided over all five continents.