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Easy upgrade from blokbottom to 4 corner seal bag !

UVA Packaging upgrades packaging machines from any brand

The latest innovation from UVA-PACKAGING is the  UVA-CORNERSEALER, a smart stand-alone device that can be placed behind any brand packaging machine. The UVA-CORNERSEALER produces corner seals in flexible film before the forming shoulder and makes it possible to produce 4 corner seal bags on any excisting packaging machine. The device is reliable, userfriendly and training for operation is not needed.

Smart 2 step investment

Placing the UVA-CORNERSEALER behind a packagingmachine is a smart investment for now and the future. After installation of the UVA-CORNERSEALER behind an existing bagger it can run for many years.When the old bagger needs replacement it can be done with minimum investment. Since UVA-CORNERSEALER is already there, only half a packaging machine is needed to complete the system. UVA-Packaging offers half packaging machine that will be fully integrated and retro-fittet with the UVA-CORNERSEALER in a seamless way.

2-step smart investment


The UVA-CORNERSEALER offers you:

- instant bag upgrading "Block bottom" to "4 Corner Seal bag"
- compatibility with intermittent and continuous motion
- high speed capability
- fits to any VFFS
- reduces investments








  • Instant 4 corner seal bags
  • Works with any brand bagger
  • Split investment