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UVA-BUTLER series were build and sold in quantities of hunderds in the 80's and 90's and are famous for their compact design and exteme reliability. Still today 80% of the Installed Base of UVA-BUTLER series are up and running serving our clients satisfactory.

Unique features with great benefits on cost and flexibility

The UVA-BUTLER 4 brings all the benefits from the past and today equiped with servo technology; the performance is even improved. UVA Packaging has invested in two major innovations which makes UVA-BUTLER 4 proposition truly unique. 

- Multi Former Adaptoruse heritage forming sets from any brand VFFS
- Split Frame DesignEasy upgrade with UVA-AUTOSPLICER or UVA-CORNERSEALER
 - Green technology (low CO2 footprint)

Bags produced on UVA-BUTLER 4   

Blockbottom   Gusseted  Pillow  

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Benefits of UVA-BUTLER series