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Creative thinking and cutting edge technology resulted in a reliable and user-friendly CORNERSEALER device. The UVA-CORNERSEALER is designed to fit behind any brand packaging machine (VFFS). The UVA-CORNERSEALER will enable existing packaging machine from any brand to produce 4 corner seal bags on existing baggers at high speeds and premium quality.

Benefits of the UVA-CORNERSEALER

1. Instant packaging upgrade:   makes cornerseal bags on existing baggers from any brand
2. Minimizes investment:          low investment for high value product
3. Reduces future investments: replace old baggers in the future with half a UVA-BUTLER 4
4. High speed capability          works with COMO and Intermittent machines 
5. Seamless installation            No software integration, 100% seamless installation

Product leaflet: UVA-CORNERSEALER 






  • Stand alone 
  • Fits with ANY bagger
  • Flexible
    > instant packaging upgrade
    > COMO and Intermittent
    > High speed
  • Easy to use
    > seemless installation
    > no need for training