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The unique controlled gasflushing system of UVA Packaging

This flushing technology offers in-line gas measurement capability which results in guaranteed shelf time and product quality.

The special gasflushing closed control system measures the gas value (example oxygen) value inside the bag on the basis of the Digital Mass Flow Sensor and adjusted. Herewith a continuous oxygen level is guaranteed without using superfluos/redundant gas. The values can be stored per program in PLC.

The special gasflushing closed control system for flushing with a single gas at 3 flush points consists of:

- Multiple flowmeters
- 1 Digital Mass Flow Sensor
- 1 Flow computer
- 1 RS 232 communication including software.

The gas flushing system is suitable for the Newton C- series and can be used for all sorts of bags. With this system 100% quality product is guaranteed.

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