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Revival of the series

UVA-BUTLER series were built and sold in quantities of hunderds in the 80's and 90's and are famous for their compact design and exteme reliability.
Still today 80% of the Installed Base of UVA-BUTLER series are up and running serving our clients satisfactory.

UVA-Butler 4 benefits:

* Multibrand former adapter, (patent pending)
   Allowing re-use of existing formers (any brand) to reduce investments
   Enabling to buy low cost new formers

* Split frame:
The UVA-Butler 4 machine can be splitted into two sections, jaws- and unwind section.
   The great thing about this is that the jaw section can be obtained seperately and it can be
   easilly connected to an UVA-AUTOSPLICER or UVA-CORNERSEALER In fact after using the autosplicer for many years,
   in a later stage the existing packaging machine can be replaced with only a UVA-Butler 4
   jaw section. This concept is not only unique, it offers clear cost saving benefits.

* Green technology
(low CO2 footprint)
   The first packaging machine in the market that runs at 4 bar air pressure resulting
   in 45% reduction of airconsumption and energy. The UVA-Butler 4 series uses new 
   revolutionary low energy sealing jaws with high speed heat guidance and great insulation
   properties resulting in 20% lower energy consumption.