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Machine lifetime benefits

Did you know that.. the smartest and profitable thing you can do now is investing by buying a UVA machine. 

More output
On average over a lifetime, an UVA Packaging machine produces 33 million bags more than our competitors; this is 28% more. UVA Packaging achieves these outputs because of the higher speeds and less downtime by using state of the art technologies in its machines.

Less operation costs
Like every machine an UVA Machine has operational costs. We achieved to reduce these costs to its minimum, today the operational costs on a UVA Packaging machine are 35% lower than our competitors.UVA Packaging achieved this by:

  • Reducing the need of spare parts
  • Reducing film waste
  • Reducing maintenance

These benefits acquired over a lifetime of an UVA Packaging machine will make your investment much more profitable in long-term .